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Mayerling Skin Renewal System

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Since 1993 Dr Lawrence Ho has prepared patients undergoing peels and laser skin resurfacing with a skin reconditioning system. Significant changes in the patients skin texture and appearance were noted. The system reduced pigmentation from aging, sun damage, pregnancy and the contraceptive pill. It also improved scarring, large pores and wrinkles; it gave dull, lifeless skin a refreshingly vibrant appearance in most skin types.

In 1995 Dr Ho biopsied patients with the above skin conditions and worked with a pathologist to analyse the response of the various skin conditions to treatment. These findings resulted in the conservative Mayerling® Skin Renewal System™ which has been available over the counter for several years.

For the skins texture to be improved, it must be resurfaced; that is old skin must be removed and replaced with new, young, fresh and unblemished skin cells regenerating from the deep germinal layers and glands.

This system of creams consists of a combination of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Bearberry Extract, Retinyl Palmitate and Antioxidant Vitamins in varying combinations and concentrations. As such it is also ideal skin priming and after care program for laser resurfacing and peels to reduce the risk of complications and enhance the long term result.

The active ingredients are incorporated in the best vectors where ever possible for speedy accurate delivery and high local concentration at the site of action. The carrier base has been fine tuned to an optimum viscosity so that the creams are effective in almost all skin types.

All the active ingredients are packaged together in a system with a cleansing routine and ADEC Moisturiser acting synergistically to produce a smoother, clearer, more even and lighter skin with a refreshingly vibrant appearance in most skin types.

It took many months to a year to achieve the optimum result. A special range of Salon Products was engineered and introduced to complement the Skin Renewal Creams and accelerate attainment of the desired result. These are the Detoxification and Anti Stress Masks and the two Nanopeels G20 and S20. The synergistic combination of a nanopeel with the appropriate mask has produced the DeAging Facial.

This is Laser Resurfacing in a Bottle – the Ultimate Non Surgical Facelift.

The DeAging Facial has proved so effective and popular that it has been refined and adapted for other regions of the body such as the décolletage, hands, legs and feet.


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